K&S International Building

As the trade show industry grows, exhibitor booths are becoming more unique in hopes to capture the attention of millions of people who attend these events every year. Carpet was a staple at these shows and is still used today; however, Kenneth Glazer saw an opportunity to bring innovation to the trade show flooring industry.

What would bring more people to your booth? How could we make the floor setup process more efficient for those setting up the booth? Is there a way to alleviate the fatigue experienced by those who are on their feet, consecutive days, for an extended period of time?

In 1996, Kenneth Glazer established K&S International, headquartered in the suburbs of Chicago. The mission, “to provide high-quality, innovative, durable flooring with an unparalleled level of customer service”. Having a can-do attitude is why we have evolved to new heights. Repeat business is how we measure our ability to provide innovative flooring solutions with successful results. Throughout the years we have continued to forge new relationships, building on the ones from the day we opened.

It was the success of the uniquely high-quality designed interlocking comfort tiles and comfort carpet tiles that put K&S International on the map. At the same time, K&S pioneered integrated beveled edges and anti-fatigue / high-density properties in all of its manufactured flooring.  The trade show industry gained traction, booths evolved, flooring became a strategic focal point making K&S flooring a valuable necessity.

Lifting the face of a booth would require flooring upgrades with even greater aesthetic appeal. We introduced raised interlocking hardwood flooring (Sierra Hardwood Collection). These beautifully crafted, high end, wood floors drew a lot of attention from the industry. Following shortly thereafter, the addition of rollable flooring (solids, textures and wood grains), designer vinyl, turf  and customizable raised MDF, gave us even greater adaptability.

Accommodating businesses wanting to elevate their brand’s visibility is what drove us to offer even greater customization. From the time our doors opened we have been creating custom logo inlays in multiple flooring options. Sublimated and digital printed carpet furthered capabilities to adapt to a spectrum of colors. Our exclusive GRAFX printed images on carpet, vinyl and tiles has taken visuals to a 3D experience.

K&S flooring can be found in applications outside the trade show industry. Our products are used in homes, gymnasiums, car dealerships, sporting stores and high traffic business entrances. If you can dream it, we will make it happen. We have never missed a deadline. Innovation is what drives us to new depths.

K&S’ continues to evolve with the introduction of new high quality products including our newest Printed Carpet Interlocking Foam Tiles, Luxury Vinyl Interlocking Tiles, Texture Vinyl Interlocking Tiles, GraFx Interlocking Tiles, and GraFx Rollable Vinyl. Product development is in progress, there is more to come. K&S will always bring products to consumers to help capture audiences of old and new markets alike.