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Custom Printed Flooring

Customized printed flooring options for use in various applications are a surefire way to promote your company and capture the attention of an audience. K&S International understands the marketing opportunities and the importance of a first impression. A high quality “stand out” floor will inevitably engage and generate the ‘WOW’ affect desired.

Custom printed floors have evolved over the last 20 years. Advances in technology gave 2D prints a lift; images are as vivid as they ever were and colors are as rich as the original artwork they came from. The overall response has been incredible; but innovation doesn’t stop there.

In 2017, K&S brought GraFx to the market, 3D printed flooring. What better way to distinguish your brand than with the ultimate, eye catching “experience.” 3D images printed onto carpet, vinyl, and vinyl interlocking tiles can make it feel as if you are in a new reality.

Imagine transforming your floor into a scene where you can walk in and immediately feel as if you are standing on a bridge crossing over a crevice. Perhaps the image portrays a floor falling out from underneath your feet.

Custom printed floors are not limited to the trade show / event industry. There are plenty of alternative applications for these products. Since they can withstand high levels of foot traffic without fading over time, small custom printed carpet mats have been quite common for use in company entryways, medical facilities and schools.

Whether it is a logo, a photo, an image, or a 3D “interactive” graphic, the options are limitless. The popularity of printed floors is no surprise as they truly stand as a results-driven product.

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