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Rollable Flooring

The various rollable flooring solutions offered by K&S International, has grown substantially. There are now over 200 high quality rollable flooring options to choose from. The evolution of rollable flooring has surpassed the expectations of consumers.

Rollable flooring has expanded from carpeting, vinyl and PCR rubber into specialty items like turf and bamboo. Throughout these categories, you will find a selection of colors, wood grain finishes, textures, and patterns. Furthermore, K&S can create custom logo inlays in a majority of these floors. Custom printed graphics on carpet and vinyl offers even greater potential to distinguish your brand with a “one of a kind” floor.

Rollable floors are easy to set up. Simply roll it out and then roll it back up when you are finished. Shipping tubes and wheeled cases are a must for easy travel and for protection.

Elevating the selection of rollable floors is our number one priority. We are constantly adding new products to our showcase; spotting the perfect floor has never been easier.


  • Black
  • Black/Blue Flecks
  • Black/Tan Flecks
  • Black/White Flecks
  • Diamond Plate Sand
  • Diamond Plate Black
  • Diamond Plate Slate Grey
  • Coin Sandstone
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