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Indoor / Outdoor Rollable Carpet

Rollable Flooring
* Color
Charcoal, Pinstripe
Charcoal, Highline
Charcoal, Impressions
Charcoal, Patchwork
Charcoal, Weave
Jade, Pinstripe
Jade, Highline
Jade, Impression
Jade, Patchwork
Jade, Weave
Grey Goose, Pinstripe
Gray Goose, Highline
Gray Goose, Impressions
Gray Goose, Patchwork
Gray Goose, Weave
Deep Ocean, Pinstripe
Deep Ocean, Highline
Deep Ocean, Impresstions
Deep Ocean, Patchwork
Deep Ocean, Weave
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K&S Indoor Carpet Interlocking Tiles work great in any size space. They are useful in temporary applications or permanent installations. What makes this carpet different than traditional indoor carpet is that it is water resistant and resistant to mold and mildew. Additionally, the carpet is stain resistant; dirt, grime and spills won’t discolor the carpet. The versatility of this affordable flooring option is quite remarkable.

Color Options Charcoal, Grey Goose, Jade, Deep Ocean
Pattern Options Highline, Impression, Patchwork, Pinstripe, Weave
Tile Sizes 2’x2’ or 2’x4'
Tile Thickness 5/8”
2’x2’ Weight 1.8 lbs.
Face Weight 16 oz.
Features Anti-Fatigue, High density foam, Quick set-up, Stainproof, Lightweight, Easy to maintain, Modular, Made in USA
Options Configure to any size or shape
Custom Inlays
Beveled Edges
Electrical Channeling (cross-channel cuts) ½” w x ¼” d
Box sizes: 2’x2’ | 2’x4’
Hard Case Shipper with Wheels: 10’x10’ | 10’x20’ | 20’x20’
Uses Sunroom, Restaurants, Retail, Office, Playroom, Basement, Mud Room, Entryway, Tradeshows, Showrooms
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